Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wednesday, 2nd December

A good day where I managed to googledoc all of the ALT-J articles I read over the weekend. I now have 14 articles read and noted. I reckon I need to get this up to 30 before I am feel satisfied I've done enough. Also, I had a look at the example assignments I've been given. I've decided to read all the A grade one with topics that are in some way similiar to mine. 13 were identified and I printed off 2. I've read the first. I will try and do 1 a day.

The third strand of my information gathering are my read blog posts. I haven't tapped this knowledge yet but over the last few months I have been carefully tagging good posts that I have read. I aim to go through all the ones I've marked pedagogy, learnign styles, instructional design and probably some others and take the best bits putting them in google docs. This could be quite on undertaking as some are pretty long. Also, there will be some crossover with articles here as some of the posts point to research articles/documents.

I've also chosen a title and will try and only read things which will be relevant to this.

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