Monday, 21 December 2009

14-19 December

Once again I seem to be incapable of keeping up a blog of this kind. It seems that if I can't find time to work I also can't find time to blog about the process. I hope to change this as in some of the reading about reflection I'm doing for my assignment it seems that some think reflection is a skill that can be learnt so hopefully as I get better at and keeping practicing the art of reflection I can make this blog a more valuable space than it currently is.

Anyway, the story of these few days is that I was ILL. Yes, properly ill with a horrible cough. Actually, it was a cold from which the cough came but it's the cough that dominated. I have a real problem with coughing fits whenever I get a cold and this is something that I haven't had properly diagnosed. I only made it in to work on Tuesday and Thursday so technically I had lots of time to work but it seems I lack the discipline to sort myself out when I'm home alone. Part of the problem was I was feeling ill but also I was unable to exercise which caused lethargy. Anyway, nothing much was done expect a ton of printing at work and the borrowing of a couple of books. Hopefully, this is enough to see me through the writing of the assignment.

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