Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The definitive plan

This plan will take me to success with regard to the second assignment draft. It's due on 19th April and the aim is the get it done a few days before then.

As this point no words have been written. So things have to start soon. Easter holidays start tomorrow and I have 6 days off including the weekend. The strategy is to write 550 words on 9 days between now and 19th. The chosen lucky days are:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11.

The aim is the blog each day I do work.

Today I need to print off what I've done in terms of notes. As I still haven't read all the articles and some of one of the research books these won't be included which is a shame. However, I have the hard copies for reference.

Once this is done I need to think about structure. I would imagine that as I start writing I will come up with information for one section but overlap into others. This is fine and how I did the previous assignment.

I'm getting drunk tonight so tomorrow will be difficult but I need to finish reading if possible.

Anyway, off I go!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2nd assignment plan

Nothing much has happened with the second assignment yet. As of Monday, 15th March I have 5 weeks to do my draft.

I set a weekly target of 15 hours work. The first week I am experimenting with a daily time plan:

Mon - 2 hours
Tues - 2
Wed - 3 (this is the final lecture)
Thrus - none
Fri - 2
Sat - 1
Sun - 5

Let's see how it goes.

Monday, 1 March 2010

1st assignment finished!

It only took another 3 hours on Sunday to finish it. As I write this I only have to change the referencing from Oxford to Harvard which shouldn't be intellectually challenging. In the end it was easy and looking back the hard work was done over Xmas and in December. I'm pretty sure it will be good enough to pass however I'm not that confident of a good mark. The section I was aksed to include was difficult because I couldn't find a lot of information. I made do with what I could find but it might not be good enough.

Anyway, I should be able to hand it in this week and now I need to start on the second assignment. The data collection is happening this week and we are in week 8 of 10. After this week's homework I need to start work on the assignment. I have a good base because I know the topic and the what needs to be done. However, the next step which I need to start focusing on is reading the books on the reading list.

Anyway, now the first one is out of the way for better or for worse. I have 6 whole week as of today. This isn't a great deal of time but remember it's the draft due date not the final assignment one.