Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Research module Update - Session 2-3 - 7.5 hours

The target of 10 hours per week has been set for each week. So I missed it straight away. However, I'm pleased with the end of this week as I did 2 hours Monday and 2.5 hours Tuesday. The weekend was a right off because my family was staying however it could have been better.

The reading for the min-project has begun, the weekly questionnaire activity was done and the reading was done. At least with this module the assignment focus is clear and can be tackled earlier.

In addition, I received feedback on my first module draft. Not too bad, there are sections to rewrite. I have a while to hand this in and I estimate I'll need a couple of good goes to get this done. I aim to start work on this next week, ideally after I've done the 10 hours allocated for that week. It would be shame to leave it until the last minute after getting the draft in on time.

Monday, 11 January 2010


I've done it! Actually it was done two days ago but I've just tidied it up and sent it off for comment. So I've succeeded in my task.

Things went according to plan last weekend. It only took 6 hours of work on Saturday. I worked from 9-12 and 2-5 and it was done. Luckily for me much of the writing was thinking without reference to articles so I just got on with it and the time went quite quickly. All the plans I set for myself worked fine but the key was getting started on time on Saturday.

I've very proud of this achievement as previously I would have been staying up until 4am on Monday morning to get this done.

So now I wait for feedback and hope I don't have to completely rewrite it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

The rest of the holiday

The daily blog just didn't happen. But I thought I'd reflect on the MA learning I did over the holiday.

I suppose if you compare it to anything I've done before it's pretty good. However, if you add up all the work I did it wasn't. I think I should be pleased overall as I managed to do the bulk of the work. Currently, I sit on 3600 words. I have a vague plan about how I'm going to fill the rest of the words but there a lot of thinking to be done. I basically have a week left but realistically it's going to be done this weekend.

For the paper I've read and written about 15 articles on learner models that have reflection as their focus. In addition (and this was the hard bit) I've read about reflection theory from 4 or 5 sources. Some of this was easy but a lot of it was hard to understand. The hard part is knowing what's important for your study and what is not. This way you can avoid reading tons of interesting but useless stuff. I've also got the 15 or so articles I've read and googledoced before I decided on the focus. Those ones won't be used in the paper but I don't consider it wasted work as by reading these I was able to think about my focus.

Anway, it's nearly done but there still work to be done and done soon.

I wasn't able to really block out days and work solidly. There was a few hours here and there and a few days where nothing happened. Last weekend was a disappointment as very little happened. However, I was plesed with my progress from Xmas to new year.