Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Research module Update - Session 2-3 - 7.5 hours

The target of 10 hours per week has been set for each week. So I missed it straight away. However, I'm pleased with the end of this week as I did 2 hours Monday and 2.5 hours Tuesday. The weekend was a right off because my family was staying however it could have been better.

The reading for the min-project has begun, the weekly questionnaire activity was done and the reading was done. At least with this module the assignment focus is clear and can be tackled earlier.

In addition, I received feedback on my first module draft. Not too bad, there are sections to rewrite. I have a while to hand this in and I estimate I'll need a couple of good goes to get this done. I aim to start work on this next week, ideally after I've done the 10 hours allocated for that week. It would be shame to leave it until the last minute after getting the draft in on time.

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