Saturday, 12 December 2009

3rd-11th Decemeber

This was a bad time. Nothing much was achieved and time ticked on. The main reason is the two heavy nights of drinking which wiped out potential MA learning in subsequent days. The worst of these was Friday, 4th where too much drunking laid me low on the sofa for Saturday and I just couldn't get going on Sunday. TV dominated. A busy week at work and socially have seen the days fly by.

The only real progress is the reading of couple of articles one of which is forming the basis of starting the assignment. So this is an important step. Also, important was the realisation that limited TV watching is going to be vital if I'm going to write this and other assignment. In terms of lifestyle, TV is a fundamental part of my life and deep down I'd like to cut down. I have resolved to only watch 3 hours per day on non-work days and 1 hour on work days. This is going to be soooooo tough. For a weekend day when I'm not going out I don't think I've ever watch that little. The main thrust of this is going to apply to the Xmas holidays. I have one week left of work and then two full weeks of holiday on which I'll spend the most at my parents. Can I stick to this?

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