Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday, 13th December

A good day again. The race didn't happen as I was still feeling ill and didn't want to aggrevate my cold. I still have a nagging cough.

Work done was 4:15 hours. Pretty good, could be better but it's a productive weekend. I got through all of the article I had printed off at the weekend and then set about thinking about the structure of my assignment. By the end of the day, I have a rough idea of the section and have started seeking out relevant further articles. I found a few and will print them off tomorrow. There's a big test to see how much I can get through during the week. A looming problem is that access to articles is far easier at work due to the university internet address. This will inevitably be an issue as I can't possibly read everything by the end of the week. However, there is the ATHENS access which should help. On the upside more and more is available through the web these days.

TV watching was 3:10 although I'm watching sports personality of the year online now which will take it to 4:30. Despite this it's mission accomplished regarding limiting the tele as I've got through all that I hoped. Things are taking shape and if I keep this up I will be fine.

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