Monday, 22 February 2010

A weekend of ups and down

I blogging here because I had intended to finish my 1st assignment last weekend. Well I failed! However, oddly I don't feel terrible about this because significant process was made. The problem was that I had one too many drinks on Friday night and this led to a Saturday of inactivity as I recovered. Also, with Helen going away it was easy just to laze around. However, I went to bed early and started Sunday nicely. In the end, I managed 5 hours and completed the big section I had to rewrite. I now only need to rewrite the introduction. This shouldn't take as long, however you never know as the source for this are new. I'm toying with the idea of organising a couple of study days in the next few weeks and using one of them to finish my 1st assignment and the other to start the second.

I stopped work on the 1st assignment late yesterday as I need to keep up with the 2nd module homework and project work. This week is the start of the data collection.


Anonymous said...

Well done:) How seriously are you toying with the idea to take a study leave and if you take it what should you do to avoid lazing around?

Tommyp said...

That's the challenge. But if I'm entitled to it I might as well take it. The answer is always not to watch TV!!

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