Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Session 3-4 - 10 hours

This week came with a rush at the end of the week with the majority of work done on Monday and Tuesday. I did manage 4 hours of reading on Sunday. About half of the work was homework so not directly related to the assignment/project. However, it's useful stuff as it's teaching me about the different research methods.

My work on the project this week was:

- Writing up the decisions we made in the group discussion during session 3 including the finalised research questions and the research methods
- Reading on the subject matter
- Summaries of reading
- Reading and noting of example paper
- Writing up process of the mini-project in my blog

Next week I need to start reading on the research literature as well as continuing on the other things.

I aim to start earlier in the week (Thurs/Fri) to get the homework reading and activities out the way. Then I can start with project stuff.

In addition, I need to plan for amending the first assignment based on my draft comments. I will probably need a couple of weekends on this and the deadline is mid-March. I want to get this out the way before the start writing the research assignment.

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