Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sessions 4-6 - 12.5hours

Not good. It's been a struggle. The work that I have done has been on the second module and keeping up with the project we are doing. Only by engaging with the processes involved in completing the project can I successfully write the assignment. However, I've done nothing on my first assignment.

There are 3 main reasons:

- House hunting - We spent 1 day doing this, so that's not really an excuse. This is more an emotional distraction than a physical one.
- Consultancy - I did my first day's consultancy on Web 2.0 on 16/02/10 and this dominated my thinking for the few days prior to it. For example, on Sun, 14/02/10 instead doing MA work I did 7 hours preparing for this session. In general, I've been really busy anyway and staying late to do work rather than MA work.
- Laziness/tireness - There's still been time and there's been times where I could have worked and didn't.

Things will need to change and it should be possible this weekend. I now have less than a month to do my 1st assignment so I need to start soon.

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