Tuesday, 6 April 2010


This is an update for the easter weekend.

Looking at the plan I made things haven't been like clockwork. However, I am pretty happy with the progress.

On 2 and 3. I did my 500 words although this was mostly copying and pasting from my other blog which recorded the group project progress as it went on. Outside of this, I continued reading and noting and decided that I needed to finish reading and noting the articles, the new/blogs and the research books before I could properly start writing. On 3, I did this for the news/blogs. It took hours but it means that I've now got all the good bits in one place on one google doc (which I can now print out).

Sun 4th was a write off. Helen's parent's came round and pretty much stayed the whole day. I could have worked before they arrived but the grand prix was in the morning so that was that.

Mon 5th, this was a good day even though no words were added to the assignment. I finished reading and noted my articles and now have quotes from 10 relevant ones on google docs. The train strike being called off is a pain but at least it means I can now print off these documents.

Tues 6th, today I've started reading my last research book. I should be possible to finish this today (which is handy as the book is due back today) and this will leave me with 4 books noted. I have another one due back on Friday and I've not decided whether to read this and delay the writing of the assignment. I suspect not.

Anyway, I should be in a position tonight to start writing with only the following documents around me:
- a document for the news/blogs
- documents for the articles
- documents for the research books
- my set text (Bryman book)
- Project documents

This is as simply as I can as I can get it and certainly better than if I had the individual new/blogs/articles lying around everywhere.

With the train strike off, I am in the office Tues-Thurs which might be a good thing for my study. We will see.

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