Monday, 26 April 2010

Done it!

It's been a struggle but the Research Methods draft is done. The deadline is today (thank god for the extension) and I finished it late Saturday night. The last few weeks have been very distracting with the house move and the eye problems and last weekend was no different.

I went to the eye hospital on Friday, was diagnosed with an ulcer and given drops to be taken every hour all day and night! With Saturday taken up by wedding tasting in Gloucestershire I wondering whether this draft was just not meant to be. I had 1000 words to write so it was still possible but with these restrictions it was going to be hard.

Nothing happened Friday night and I woke Saturday very tired. We drove to Gloucestershire and did the tasting but were done by mid-afternoon. So I sat down to work at 3:30. I pretty much worked continuously until 11:30 with a big break for dinner and smaller ones (particularly early on) for sport checking and listening. I had a couple of really intensive hours towards the end as the finish line was in sight. Like last time it gets easier knowing you are nearly there. I'm pretty pleased with what I've done and thanks to my first assignment mark, I'm confident it is good enough. However, this is a very different type of essay so I'll wait for the draft feedback. I just hope there isn't too much of a rewrite. My lesson learnt from the previous module is to try and do the rewrite as soon as you get the feedback. I left it ages last time and it played on my mind.

Anyway, the 3rd module officially starts today. I've got a very busy week at work but I'm looking forward to what is a purely online module.

It feel really good to have effectively finished the second module before I start the third.

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