Sunday, 11 April 2010

2/3 done

I writing this on Sunday evening having had two days of writing. Basically, I'm 3200 in, about 2/3 done. Friday didn't happen. For some reason, I couldn't get started. I was due on Saturday to go out but I didn't and instead made a start finally on the writing. I managed to start at 9 and managed a couple of 3 hours stints with a bit more added on in the evening. I finished the day on about 2000 words. Today I started a bit later and was worried it wasn't going to happen. The morning wasn't as focused but once I got going I was ok. Although I only advanced 1200 words in total I actually wrote more than that as a lot of the stuff I copied and pasted to start things off last week was deleted. The system has been good. I've approached each section by reading what I numbered as that before thinking and writing. It's useful because it breaks things down for me and stops me being overwhelmed.

I am off on Monday and Tuesday for the house move. I should be able to do some more tomorrow as we are now actually moving but running some errands. I depends how long it takes. It would be great if I could do the last third and then have the week to tidy things up.

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