Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunday 29th November

Sunday went pretty well all things considered. My cold developed nastily and I was feeling drowsy from all the medicine and from not being able to go out and do much.

My plan was to study the Associated of Learning Technology Journal (ALT-J), Vol 17, No.1, March, 2009). ALT-J are pretty heavy going so I wasn't anticipating getting through all of it. There was lots of sport on cricket following by 2 football matches. I managed to read all the articles intermittently with the sport on in the background. Cricket is easier to read to than any other sport and I had a period where I had the sound down and music playing. This was the most productive time but even with the normal sound on I still managed to plough through the reading.

Although I marked the best bits, I wasn't able to googledoc them because I can't access the online version of ALT-J at home. I need to be at a university to do this (i.e. at work). Then I can copy and paste the best bits into word. Typing them out takes far longer.

I had finished this by about 6 and then decided to read a few Learning Teaching blogs. This is not MA learning but it's vital learning nonetheless some of which will spill over into the assignment.

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